How to Treat Addiction?

Treating addiction can seem like the loneliest and hardest task in the world. Every direction you turn leads up a steep cliff, and there are no easy choices. Take heart. Others have been in this territory before. They made it through alive and sane and reclaimed their lives from addiction on the other side. While everyone's path to sobriety is different, here are some steps to help treat addiction.

1 Take an assessment of your life. The first step to reclaiming your life is admitting you have a problem.

2 Get the addiction out of your life. Remove any of the addictive substances from your environment. Go cold turkey.

3 Join a support group for company and inspiration.

4 Let friends and family members know about your decision. Peer pressure will help you in your recovery. 

5 Commit to change. Addiction is not defeated overnight. Treatment takes time to be effective. 
6 Find and address the cause of addiction. Addictions begin as ways to deal with problems and they might work really well at first. You have to learn new living skills to replace the skills you learned as an addict.  
7 Relapses happen. Brush yourself off and try again. 

Tips & Warnings

  • Some people have found religion to be a source of comfort and strength.
  • The addicts who succeed in quitting and regaining their lives have generally tried and failed to quit before. Take heart.
  • Undergoing counseling as part of your battle against addiction is a very good idea.
  • Some substances generate acute withdrawal symptoms when their use is discontinued. Consult a health professional for advice on safely going through withdrawal.
  • Not admitting you have a problem continues the cycle of guilt and pain.