How to Know the Difference Between Rage and Anger

Do you know the difference between pathological rage and anger? Anger is a normal human emotions whereas pathological rage is not. Rage, on the other hand, is an extreme manifestation of normal anger. People who are rage-full may actually have an organic disorder such as substance abuse or underlying personality disorder. Separation of rage and anger depends on the frequency and intensity of the emotion. For example, if a person develops anger which lasts for days, weeks or months, then it is probably rage and no longer anger. Use these tips to identify the difference between rage and anger

Ask yourself, how long have I been angry?

If you're angry every day and you aren't always sure where your anger is coming from, then you're experiencing rage, not anger.

Do you suffer from a mental health?

 Mental Health condition such as anxiety, depression or anxiety? People with bipolar disorder, major depression disorder and anxiety are prone to manifest rage.

Be honest with yourself about addiction.

 People who have substance abuse disorders frequently demonstrate rage because illicit substances like alcohol negatively affect emotions and thought processes.

Make an appointment to see a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

 A professional can help you effectively learn how to know the difference between rage and anger.